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Buy School Shoes from India's Reputed Footwear Brands like Bata and Liberty Shoes.
Check out our Fantastic Range of School Shoes for Boys and Girls.

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Buy School Uniforms & Accessories Online at Coolcubs.in

When you're looking for great-looking, durable and affordable schoolwear for both boys and girls, buying from Coolcubs is your best deal. We pride ourselves on offering premium quality. You'll find the widest range of School Uniform products online. We’ve everything you need for the new term including Shirt for Girls, Shirt for Boys, Pinafore, Half Pant, Full Pant, PT - T-Shirt, Skirt, Stripe Belt, Stripe Tie and many more.

If you are thinking about changing your school uniform, or your uniform supplier, making sure that you select the right supplier for you is essential.

From the start concept ideas right through the finished garments, Coolcubs will guide you and advise you on design, fabric choices, colors and styles. There are numerous benefits to choosing Coolcubs, but here are our the first big three to get you started:


Because Coolcubs is a manufacturer and a supplier, we have broad visibility and control over the complete production process, from start to end. We source and handpicked the very finest fabrics and materials, and certify high quality throughout all phases of garment creation.


Coolcubs has managed to put together unique range of garments, at affordable prices, without bargaining on quality. With a extensive selection of different fabrics and styles, we can assist put together a package that suits your needs, as well as your pocket!


With the help of a dedicated account manager and customer service team, we will guide you. We can advise you on the design of a new uniform, or review a present one.

We work closely with our School customers and listen to their needs.